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The 'meromero' brand first started out as a side project that eventually grew into something much more. In the middle of 2020, as I wasn't able to paint anymore, I ventured into digital illustration, and decided to create every day items we can wear, use or bring around that carry a positive and encouraging message as a reminder to stay strong and to keep going. The project first started out as an outlet to explore my limits and to get out of my comfort zone. I created illustrations and products that brought me joy. As more people started noticing my message and felt comforted by my mission, it grew into something more meaningful. Meromero is simply a reminder to love yourself, to stay positive, and to never give up on yourself.

Meromero is influenced by Japanese art and fashion. Many illustrations and colours are derived from my painting style, as well as traditional and contemporary Japanese art, and modern streetwear fashion. The brand aims to create everyday lifestyle that is both cute, functional and accessible to all.

All products are available for purchase in the online shop, and orders are fulfilled and sent from California, USA. *Certain limited items can be purchased in Japan.*

IMG_2137 copy.jpg

photo credit @obbe.graphy @fabiwabi

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