Sylvia Haw

Painter from Montreal

I'm a Canadian painter from Montreal, Quebec. I've been painting since I was a child. It took me 9 years and a lot of courage to finally expose what I do. I studied in Fine Arts before changing my major to pursue my career in nursing.


And since then, I've just been traveling a lot.

I mainly draw influences from my travels, the things I see and passing connections. I treat mountains, water, clouds and fish as poetic objects. They pass through to float and are held in place, addressing dichotomies, such as realities and illusions, inside and out, permanence and the ephemerality, the blurred lines of our distant memories.  

I paint to address reminiscence, nostalgia... the intangible, the transience of time... Our memories, our dreams, our moods.


The concept of ephemeral moments is placed at the heart of my work.

I am currently in Fukuoka, Japan to  learn new skills and to further pursue my art. I am now straying from my comfort zone to venture into digital illustration, stationery design and tattooing. Since I’ve moved, my art has taken a different direction. I paint to address the doubts and insecurities in our minds and to recall forgotten sensations to evoke ideas of wellness, healing and love.



Et si on s’aimait?

On est tous belles comme des fleurs.


The idea behind ‘ meromero ’ 

is to be madly in love

to be drunk in love

with yourself

and everything that is ‘you’. 


It is okay to feel deeply and to be in love.



♡♡ s


Tsukuyomi / Montreal / January - February 2020

Underdog / Montreal / February 2020

FLATFILE 8x8 / New York  / Online exhibition/ July 1- August 31 2020